Press Club Burewala, District Vehari

Workshop: International Youth Day – ‘Localization of SDGs – Youth Consultation Workshop’
Date: August 15, 2022
Venue: Press Club Burewala, District Vehari


One the occasion of International Youth Day August 12, TI Pakistan organized three events. The third program was held in Burewala, District Vehari. Transparency international Pakistan in collaboration with Sudhar Development Organization (SDO) arranged a workshop ‘Localization of SDGs – Youth Consultation Workshop’ in Press Club Burewala. A total of 48 participants including 25 males and 23 females participated in the workshop.

The event formally started with welcome note by Ms. Saima Batool, President Sudhar Development Organization, who was also the moderator of the event. She started with the introduction of Transparency International Pakistan, and its work for combating corruption and transparency in the country. She also highlighted past work of TI Pakistan, particularly educating RTI laws in the district. She further said that Pakistan adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its own national development agenda through a unanimous National Assembly Resolution in 2016. Since then, the country is working for it.

 However, its progress is slow due to many political and economical reasons, however, the youth of Pakistan should play their role, and need to understand what SDGs are. In his speech, President Burewala Press Club, Chaudhary Asghar Ali Javeed said that for sustainable progress civil society should raise the awareness among the youth of Pakistan. The youth, who are large in number, is now a deciding segment of our society who can use social media channels urge the government to show their commitment towards achieving United Nation sustainable development goals. Director Roshni Helpline, Mr. Muhammad Amir said that for eliminating poverty, improving lifestyle, providing better education, better treatment in hospitals, and overall, for the better future of our young generation, achieving sustainable development goals are inevitable. He further stressed government departments to improve their efficiency to provide better services to citizens of Pakistan.

Secretary Coordination Civil Society Network, Syed Zahid Hussain Mashadi said their network is working for raising awareness among youth about various issues in health, education and governance sector. He said that we should work together for the betterment of Pakistan. Mr. Asghar Javeed, Chairman Environmental Protection Society highlighted the environmental challenges Pakistan is facing. He said we do not give importance to safeguarding our environment. He said working with the youth of Pakistan can help us protecting the environment which is one of the biggest challenges Pakistan is facing now. President WCDS Mr. Sher Khan Khichi highlighted the importance of Right to Information Laws. He shared his own experiences of taking public information through this law. Right to Information law is a vital tool for bringing transparency and accountability, and youth should be aware of it. He highlighted important features of the law along with application procedure. After the speeches, a Q&A session was held. The youth present in the session asked questions which were answered comprehensibly. In the end, President Sudhar Development Organization, Ms. Saima Batool thanked Transparency International Pakistan for arranging this workshop. She also thanked all the participants, speakers for their time. After that, the refreshment was served.