Mobile ALAC-Free Legal Advice Camp

Mobile ALAC-Free Legal Advice Camp
28 February 2023

Venue: Village Noor Muhammad Raho, New Saeedabad, District Matiari

On February 28th, 2023, Transparency International Pakistan (TI Pakistan) in collaboration with the Youth Development Forum (YDF) to host a free legal advice camp in New Saeedabad, District Matiari, Sindh.

Mobile ALAC started at 11:00 AM in Village Noor Muhammad Raho, where individuals from neighboring villages gathered to register their complaints. Mr. Abdul Wahid Imrani, a social worker, started the session and introduced the guests. A local advocate Syed Shahabudin Shah explained the objectives of the legal advice camp to the complainants. He emphasized on the importance of the platforms where citizens can report corruption/mismanagement when it occurs.

TI Pakistan representative, Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed gave detailed introduction about TI Pakistan, its working, and the concept of Legal Advice Camp. He emphasized on the importance of submitting complaints and encouraged people to raise their voice to communicate concerns and issues to the authorities. A total of 40 complaints were registered at TI Pakistan Mobile ALAC. Majority of the complaints pertained to the unavailability of gas, inflated electricity bills, lack of hospitals and poor infrastructure. Complaints were also registered regarding the need for primary and high schools, as children from these villages have to travel 15km daily to attend nearby schools.

One individual also requested for the establishment of a vocational training center for women in the area. Mobile ALAC provided free legal advice to all the complainants, and the people expressed their gratitude for TI Pakistan for organizing such an event in their area