Women Empowerment: Breaking Down Barriers and Promoting Accountability

Women Empowerment: Breaking Down Barriers and Promoting Accountability
Venue: Sheikh Bhago, District Kasur
9 March 2023


In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Transparency International Pakistan and the Working Women Development Foundation collaborated to host a seminar and community dialogue on March 9th, 2023 in Sheikh Bhago, District Kasur. The seminar focused on the topic of Women Empowerment: Breaking Down Barriers and Promoting Accountability.

A total of 60 participants attended, including 57 women. The program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Mr. Tanveer from the Working Women Development Foundation welcomed the guests to the seminar and spoke about the significance of International Women’s Day and why it is celebrated each year. He noted that Islam elevated the status of women and granted them rights at a time when women’s rights were not commonly discussed.

The representative from TI Pakistan, Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed, provided a detailed introduction of the organization and its efforts to elevate the status of women in the country. He briefly described past projects that benefited many women and encouraged women to actively participate in economic activities and use digital apps and equipment for their economic upliftment. He also highlighted the disproportionate impact of corruption on women and gave examples of women who fought for their rights and became a beacon of hope for others.

Ms. Saima Shabeer, Assistant Director of the Social Welfare Department, discussed her department’s work and programs for women’s rights. She encouraged women to obtain their CNICs and to have some awareness of their property rights.

Two Female Supervisors from Rescue 1122, Ms. Amna and Ms. Fozia shared their personal struggles to become a part of Rescue 1122. They discussed how they successfully manage both their families and jobs while working alongside men. Ms. Amna told the audience that people used to laugh at her when she joined the rescue service; however, she proved them wrong over time. She encouraged women to keep working despite such challenges and to contribute towards nation-building.

Mr. Jawad Shah from Alfa Foundation encouraged women to be strong and obtain education, as education is the real weapon against backwardness. An educated woman can one day become a mother and educate her children, and this is how societies grow and nations are built.

The program concluded with a question and answer session, where women asked questions and gave their opinions about the session. Finally, Ms. Tanveer expressed her appreciation for TI Pakistan’s efforts in organizing the event.